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Amber Lum

Associate / RealtorĀ®


Amber Lum is a native San Franciscan with a keen eye for style and design. With a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon, Amber has had many artistic journeys into various mediums, including charcoal, textiles, wood blocking, and photography. Her passion for art and aesthetic sense are things that inform her work as a Realtor. But perhaps more importantly, Amber is extremely well versed in the intricate inner workings of San Francisco real estate, as she is a second generation Realtor who has grown up with Realtors on both sides of the family. As a San Francisco Realtor, she gets to enjoy blending her appreciation for the sheer beauty of this area with a profession that some might say is in her DNA.

From a young age, she was already steeped in the nuances of San Francisco real estate. And as she later entered the field herself, she was able to confirm first hand many things she had gleaned growing up. She knows the importance of being an exceptional communicator, of truly listening to her clients and consistently staying in touch to update them on prospective properties, negotiations, changes in market trends, or at times just to see how her clients are doing. She also knows that aside from simply knowing the intricacies of the market, an agent who excels has certain indispensable qualities. This agent must have rock solid work ethics, exceptional attention to detail, is patient, pro-active, open minded, creative, empathetic, fearless at negotiations, and above it all, still be clear headed and professional.

Perhaps representative of San Francisco’s spirit and history of celebrating diversity, Amber grew up speaking Cantonese and has studied Mandarin. Prospective clients who are more comfortable communicating in these languages will also find Amber an ideal representative.

San Francisco is an unusually beautiful city. Its undulating coastal landscape, its breath taking views, its celebrated hills, landmarks and architecture, its rich and colorful history, and its abundant diversity, are not lost on this energetic native. She knows that it’s a blessing to grow up and live here, and feels lucky to help others to thrive in this truly unique area.

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